1. jeserielee:

    "Tired of telling you, you have me
    When I know you really don’t
    Tired of telling you I’ll follow
    When I know I really won’t
    Cause I’d rather stand here speechless
    With no great words to say
    If my silence is more truthful
    And my ears can hear how to walk in your way

    In the silence


  2. it’s like they don’t even do anything or i dont even do anything but i always come out so blessed!

    these are the blessings of leading. these are the things God shows me. It’s not even like there was anything crazy but God is just so faithful and loving to his people. He just loves and loves and loves, even when they don’t see his love. They’re blind but he still loves; he doesn’t care, he just loves. 



  3. I feel like I’m just moving so slowly.

    I feel like I’m growing so slowly.

    I just want to know everything right now. 

    I am so humbled.

    I don’t know everything. I know nothing to be exact. But I’m gonna find it all. I’m not going to stop until I know it all. 

    Why do I know so little?

  4. Having random #instasize fun, so cool


  5. thursday, september 26, 2013

    I’m at this place.

    What’s wrong with taking what God gives you?

    It’ll start meaning that I’ll be in authority. I’ll have the power to be the change, in my workplace, in my neighborhood, at work, in my small group, etc. I’ll have the authority of the atmosphere, because He will use me. i’ll be accountable for all those people, souls even.

    And with authority comes responsibility, expectations, images. I hate upholding images. I hate being misunderstood. I hate feeling like when you’re on top, there’s no one to lean on. I’m scared to death of all the things that will start to happen. The war will get even more intense. And there I am, in the midst of the flying arrows. I’m just gonna stand there by myself it seems. It seems like it’s so. 

    And then the it’ll tell me, “you’ll start being attacked left and right. you can’t do it. you need something or someone else to support you. He’ll throw you in and you’ll be on your own, fighting the fight. you’ll carry the responsibilities. you’ll do everything.” what a twisted idea that i realized exists in me. how close the enemy is, even before i grab ahold of His power—the power that conquers all, that makes the enemy as tiny as ever, that has no expectations but grace. 

    what a lie i live in.

    when i held power, i always had work to keep that title, that image, that “power”, so when i failed it was because i didn’t work hard enough and that i was a complete and utter disaster and failure. and He challenges me yet again, can I let Him rewire my understanding, can I let His grace cover me, can i be brave and obedient just this step, so that he can be the rock and refuge for me?

    yea, it terrifies me to think about leading people. yea it terrifies me that if one day i’m called to lead, how will i ever do it? yea, i’m like am i even allowed to have this power? yea, i have all these doubts about me. but in the end, it comes to this. will i declare my love for him? will i be obedient? will i allow him to increase? 

    just fall into the unknown known.


  6. He is alive.


  7. Show me.
    I want to know.


  8. If I can’t even stand against humans, how can I ever stand against things of the spiritual realm?
    Being courageous makes me tremble.

    Lord, make your love even bigger in my heart.


  9. One of those culminating moments.

    I give it to you.
    I am afraid but Lord I give it to you.
    I trust in your sovereignty.
    Today is another big step of surrender.


  10. I forgot to listen many days.


  11. But I don’t understand.


  12. Timshel

    Unworthy of love.


  13. How great my arrogance.
    How small God has become.
    Repentance, then humility.
    For my faith is so little.
    But when God is great, I am humbled.
    Then my faith is greater.
    Only when I learn the greatness,
    Will I ever walk in boldness.
    It is not I who work,
    but I who taste the sweetness of his work.


  14. 그 느낌 왜 또 왔다?

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